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Restorative Medicine

Many argue that there’s no such thing as an old body, just a poorly rebuilt new one. Some cells turn over in a few days; others take longer than a decade to regenerate. How well these new cells are reconstructed depends greatly on whether or not good nutrients are available to help, how many toxins are present to cause damage, and what genetic polymorphisms will help or hurt the process. Lifestream Wellness can help improve your ability to rebuild, often allowing you to look and feel younger, with better immune function and vitality.

You are what you eat/drink/breathe/absorb and don’t eliminate. This starts with your living environment and diet; in other words, what you bring into your body. Diet and gastrointestinal health are often the first issues to be addressed since the results of a poor diet and lifestyle are associated with skin problems, mental disorders, chronic sinus congestion, allergies and autoimmune dysfunctions, asthma, thyroid problems, and more. Restoring intestinal tissue integrity, microbiology, and digestion function is sometimes all that is needed to correct multiple problems.

When food is inadequate to bring in the nutrients needed, supplements are used to help metabolism pathways work. This is especially useful when genes don’t work right, often because of damage or toxicity from chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, plastics, petroleum, and other foreign substances. Detoxification supplements may be used help clear some of the burden to allow restoration of normal function so you feel better. Botanical plants were our first pharmacy and often are gentler and more effective than pharmaceutical drugs, plus many provide key nutrients for health.

Specialized lab tests are available through Lifestream Wellness that are not found in most conventional offices. These provide us with more tools to better diagnose and target therapy to your needs. For those without insurance, we have deep discounts available for hundreds of tests.

Restorative medicine focuses on removing obstacles to health and providing the body with what it needs to repair itself. Conventional medicine focuses on suppressing symptoms mostly through the use of pharmaceuticals. Our therapies are not limited to simply pharmaceuticals, but also include botanical medicines, orthomolecular oral and IV nutrients, natural glandular and hormone therapy, chelation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, oxidative therapy, hydrotherapy, sauna, acupuncture, homeopathy, and more. We have many tools to better address the cause of your health concern.

Regain your healthy, vibrant self. Lifestream Wellness is your health-restoration destination! Please call for an appointment or information visit to begin your return to wellness.

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