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Lyme Literate Doctors

Lyme Literate Doctor

Do you suffer from unexplainable aches, pain, fatigue, and general ups and downs, yet doctors can’t find the issue? It may be Lyme disease, and we can help.

Plaque and Heavy Metals

Are you feeling tired, aging faster, thinking less clearly, or losing memory? Do you have headaches, depression, ADD/ADHD…

Hormone Balancing

Wouldn’t you wish to feel like yourself again? At Lifestream Wellness Clinic, we place emphasis on rebalancing your hormone levels


True healing begins with removing the obstacles to health and empowering the person with the guidance and treatment to enable the body and/or mind to heal naturally At Lifestream Wellness Clinic in Scottsdale, we focus on evaluating and treating the whole person with specialized labs and restorative therapies Lifestream Wellness was founded by Dr Ken Mitchell, NMD, RPh, to help patients find the final solution to their health challenges in the areas of immune, neurological, and endocrine problems such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, thinking and memory, symptoms of heavy metal exposure, cardiovascular plaque, autism, thyroid, and the decline or imbalance...

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Thank you for your good observations about AW’s health.  Who would have thought we were fighting Lyme Disease.  There are so many signs we now see.

Thank you Dr. Mitchell! Loved your clinic, service and staff! Very professional and courteous!